Market Assessment
At Cirrus Partners, we utilize our in-depth knowledge and experience to identify and interview key industry leaders who intimately understand the markets being assessed. Through this process, accurate and current data is gathered to provide a solid foundation for each assessment. Other available and relevant information sources are evaluated and utilized to provide depth and a “cross check” for overall accuracy. We intently focus on where markets are going by assessing the key drivers and other factors that shape the future landscape. Assumptions are tested along the way with a network of experts established for each project.

Competitive Analysis
We rely heavily on our industry network to define the competitive landscape for each targeted market. Analysis of market segments is typically very extensive and involves the key researchers and industry experts in the area of technology being assessed. Our competitive analysis also includes a thorough review of the strategic direction of the key competitive companies and their ability to deliver on their plan. Other market drivers including new technology are included in the assessment to ensure accuracy.

Strategy Development
Working with clients to develop highly innovative and effective strategies is a major strength of the Cirrus Partners team of professionals. We utilize our extensive experience and a highly interactive process to establish clear objectives and an agreed upon development plan. Our process involves extensive market research, an overall market assessment including in-depth competitive analysis, concept development, concept testing, strategy formation and the development of tactics. We also complete risk assessments financial analysis.

Concept Testing
We utilize several methods to test concepts including telephone interviews and face-to-face meetings. Testing can be done anonymously or with full understanding of who the client is. Concepts to be tested can range from products or services, to highly involved business models. Testing can be done with all levels of management and frequently involve executive level.

Market Research
We start by working with our clients to clearly understand the data requirements. We then complete a search of all public and private data available to provide a foundation for narrowing the search. We work with you to identify the best method to gather the data required. Strong consideration of budget and time is always considered with our market research efforts.

Professional Facilitation
Cirrus Partners has several professionally trained and highly experienced meeting facilitators. Whether it’s a long term project or a single day idea generating session, we can assist in planning, facilitating and summarizing the conclusions from your meeting. In addition, we identify and arrange for the attendance of industry experts where appropriate to add valuable input to key meetings.

New Venture Analysis
Cirrus Partners has extensive experience in working with clients to evaluate new venture opportunities. A typical approach is to assemble a cross functional team with technical, marketing, management and legal skills. In addition to the skill sets, we rely heavily on our ability to include resources within our network, or external resources that are intimately familiar with the business being evaluated. Working closely with the client through each stage of the evaluation and analysis is critically important to maintain the desired focus for the client and to remain as cost effective as possible.

Acquisitions, Divestures, Alliances
At Cirrus Partners, we utilize our services effectively for quick and thorough evaluation of acquisition, alliance and divesture opportunities. Our business and financial expertise coupled with a network of knowledgeable industry experts is the ideal combination to appraise the value of products and entire businesses. In addition to assessing the correct value of a business we work with clients to develop the best strategy for negotiating the deal.Market Assessment