Cirrus Partners is a distinctive organization both in its philosophy and its structure:

  • A True Virtual Organization
  • Project-Specific, Experienced Teams
  • Customized Methodologies

A True Virtual Organization
We are a network of independent consultants spread throughout North America. Cirrus maintains no central office facility or staff.  By moving away from a centralized model with unnecessary overhead we are able to be more cost-effective for our clients. This, along with strict procedural guidelines, enhances our ability to protect client confidentiality and to manage conflict of interest issues.

Project-Specific, Experienced Teams
The core members of Cirrus Partners have extensive experience in networking to build teams that have the experience and perspective appropriate to the specific question or challenge at hand. Unlike most consulting organizations which utilize at least a proportion of fixed, junior staff across projects, Cirrus focuses on finding and connecting senior individuals with many years of working experience in the agriculture and food sectors. These highly knowledgeable people are teamed with experienced consultants who are skilled at turning detailed information into concise summaries for brainstorming and strategic use. The same Cirrus partners that interact with customers to define new projects are also intimately involved in the interviews, analyses and building of presentations. This degree of senior staffing is still affordable for our clients because of our very low overhead model.

Customized Methodologies
Among our clients, Cirrus is known as the group that can tackle the more complex or open-ended questions. We often work with our clients to help frame the question as part of the consulting process. Cirrus has no portfolio of standard analyses or processes that it applies, but rather draws on experience and creativity to customize each project. Our clients find that this brings a high degree of passion and commitment to the process.